Friday, 22 January 2016

Chronic Pain

Just touching on the subject of chronic pain, it's no joke and it's ok if you have a meltdown .... No one truly understands how you feel unless they feel it too .... Life's tough, we fight every second to keep going despite the horrendous pain, sometimes we become very frustrated and understandably so ... It can be very isolating, we feel alone, sometimes we actually want to be alone .... We forget we are loved, the pain takes hold and nothing else seems to come into it other than our pain .... I'm the type of person who holds it all back until I have a massive, volcanic meltdown ... It shocks people, I wonder why as I hoped they might see it coming and ease up on me, but they generally don't ... If you're in pain and suffering, I feel for you ... I'm sat here and it's past midnight, I can't sleep because, yep you guessed it .... Pain! ... But I refuse to quit .... I try and think of pain free times, I try and create a distraction so I'm not focussed on the pain so much, I think of my amazing friends and family ... My phenomenally amazing Sarcoidosis family ... We're all in the same boat.  If you've found my blog through whichever source and you are seeking support, leave a comment and I'll put you in touch with some incredible people, who, like you and me, experience life with Sarcoidosis and/or chronic pain .... My heart goes out to you all .... I know how it feels to hurt, everywhere.

Goodnight, may you find peace within until the pain eases even a little.  You're in my thoughts.

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