Saturday, 15 October 2016

About Time I Updated..... 😋

So............ Where have I been? ... Nowhere, just so busy and stressed out ... I'm ok but I'm just very tired, I split my head open a short time ago, it's fine though, nothing a little glue and some tenderness couldn't cure ... I also went for my hip X-Ray and the results should've been back by now and aren't so I need to phone my doctor Monday and they said they'll chase up the hospital ... I've been making graphics, made quite a few actually, but non animated ... Been so busy with my kids, dog and housework privately it's just been mental to be honest ... I don't feel well at all ... I'm always in pain somewhere and I'm rather stressed out with work right now too, not because it's the people I'm around but more so a few changes brought in which just cause all of us stress ... I'm not sure right now about these changes, I think we will adapt in time ... It's just trying to get used to it all ... My mum's health has also declined very much ... I'm expecting a phone call anytime telling me to get there as she's not expected to live ... It's very difficult watching the one person I do have left leaving me piece by piece ... When everyone else walked out she was the only one who stayed ... I've sailed many stormy seas and felt very alone at times at the helm but she's always been there to make sure I don't go overboard and drown ... No one else either knew or gave a shit ... I'm also learning who my true friends are once more and that's all I'm saying here about it ... The less time I devote to that, the better.

Sarcoidosis wise, I feel terrible ... This morning I woke with every part of me hurting like a bitch ... My head is killing me, my bones hurt so bad today ... My eyes are sore and a bit blurry ... I think I'm in a flare up also as my lymph nodes are the size of golf balls lol ... They hurt so much as well ... I think once I get moving I might hopefully feel a little bit better ... My faithful and very beautiful little dog, Eddie, is sat beside me though and filling my heart and soul with such joy ... Every time I look at him, I fall in love so much more .... He is the love of my life and a main reason I continue to breathe ... With all this said, I do hope you are all doing great ... I appreciate you calling in and reading up on me ... It's nice that you care, should you do so ... Also, my youngest son mentioned The Mandela Effect to me ... Well, it just blew my mind when I started to research .... I also found an incredible YouTube channel run by a terrific guy named Jacob Israel ... His videos are definitely worth watching ... You can find him HERE so go check him out ... He is incredible!!!! 

So ... Would you like to see some of my latest non animated tags? If so, then please scroll down .... I don't do tutorials, not because I don't want to, I just do stuff differently and mostly in Photoshop ... I can try and explain, should you have questions but please bear with me as to the answers as sometimes I get all muddly fudded up LOL ... But I will so try my best to help you ... Have a wonderful weekend ... Lots of love to you all, always XOXOXOXOXO  💋 💋 💋 💋 💋

Ok ... So there you have it! I'm sorry if I've duplicated any uploads, I checked and I don't think I have but if I have then I'm sorry ... Also I feel compelled to mention this, it's not a pressing issue but I am wondering about anyone else out there who has had the same experience I have with someone going by the name of Ricky Bloodymoon? ... It's been mentioned to me by several people whose identities will remain private that she copies others ... I had this experience with her last year, she was dealt with appropriately after it was brought to my attention she had been copying me for several months ... She was very oddly behaved towards me, she unfriended me on Facebook and the other website, however, she didn't leave it there, she copied my stuff and foul mouthed me, lied and generally caused trouble ... If she has done or is doing this to you, my advice is don't stand for it ... Yes you'll be on the receiving end of her shit, I was for ages afterwards as she created fake accounts to stir up shit, but in the end you shouldn't have to stand for that crap .... I tried to be pleasant over it, she was just plain nasty ... You can only do and give so much before you just leave someone like that to it ... Just don't stand for it ... You shouldn't have to tolerate copying and plagiarism from anyone and if you know and can prove more than 100% this is happening to you, take action ... Be careful and be safe ... 💋 💋 💋 💋 💋


  1. I my darling ...WOW !!! how bloody gorgeous is it in here, looks amazing presh you should be so proud <3 hope you`re feeling a bit better babes, love you and talk soon :) xxxxx

  2. Hi babe, awww thank you for calling in to see me in here :) ... There's lots I still want to do in here sis, how are you? I'm hoping the new meds will kick in soon and help, got to pick them up in the morning honey... Love you too and talk soon xxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Hi babe just passing ... aww im good presh hope you`re feeling ok today I so need to do my blog I just havent had the head for it sis love you <3 xxxxxxxxx

  4. Awww sis if you want me to make something please let me know ... I love you too babe, so glad to see you on here xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <3 <3