Saturday, 24 September 2016

Weekly Update + New Non Animated Tags 😀

Good morning ... It's Saturday morning here and I'm waiting for the painkillers to kick in before I start mass cleaning day :) ... Saturday is always cleaning day here ... I don't mind as I don't really socialize much away from work and family and close knit friends, of which there are very few ... I also have an update in terms of my health ... I found a lump in my lower groin, on my pelvic bone, it's tender but I'm not worried about it other than it does cause pain ... I have received an appointment for a hysteroscopy on the 3rd November at Hertford County Hospital so I will be attending as I've come to the end of my tether with my lady problems ... I am hoping this procedure will stop them entirely .... I also have a hip X-Ray appointment next week and I can just go along whenever I can, it's like a walk in clinic where you hand the form in and just have the X-Ray done ... Pretty good method actually as you're not tied to any specific time ... It's like a blood test, you just go along when you can ... I have a feeling they might tell me it's the sarcoidosis causing this problem ... The pain first started in the lymph node area of my groin but now has spread ... I don't like to think on it too much as whatever it is I'm sure will be sorted out ... It's affecting my walking quite a bit now, I walk with a limp most of the time, my right leg is pained throughout because of this, I can never get comfortable either, I'm literally always in pain in my right side and leg now ... I'm on stronger painkillers and now taking ferrous sulphate for the anaemia ... 

Work wise, well, it has been quite a week ... My lovely boss has attended training to use our new Cypads, we are all new to this and it's very interesting learning how to use it, but it's also a brain strain too as we are all so new to it .. Training has been given and my boss has taken in a lot of information and not giving herself enough credit for how well she's learned so much of it in such a short space of time so all credit to her ... I've not taken too many clangs either this week but I do get annoyed when that happens or when the other lady in the kitchen I work with gestures to me like I'm a dog ... I think I might have to have a polite word about it ... Try and explain what it's like on the receiving end of such a gesture, without being unkind or rude .. Just need to pick my words carefully as I don't want to upset anyone .. I really do love my job and working there ... I feel so blessed in many ways as I know a lot of people dislike their jobs for one reason or another, I am also so lucky to be able to make it to work, I do fight this disease every day ..All sarcoidosis warriors do, but some are so poorly with it, they simply are unable to do the things they once could and it's so sad ... I count my blessing every single day and yes, sometimes I do forget how lucky I actually am ... My mindset alters at times and it's not a positive thing so I try and do stuff to keep me in a good place mentally ...

Ok speaking of being in a good place mentally, I have been a busy bee making some non animated tags for Facebook ... I've left them non animated as now, for some reason, when I post an animated tag to Facebook the colours depreciate so much, it just looks so awful and detracts from the real beauty of the creation  .... I will post them below now and also wish you all a very peaceful and positive, wonderful weekend ... All my love to you all and thank you for calling by and reading my blog!

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