Sunday, 13 December 2015


A very warm welcome to my blogspot page.  I will be adding to this as much as I possibly can with posts about my life, tags I make and a subject very close to my heart - Sarcoidosis, a rare and potentially fatal disease I have been diagnosed with.  I hope you enjoy my future posts, I have so much to blog about and look forward to doing so.  Thank you for visiting, please call again soon!  Hugs and love, Gina xx


  1. Hi sis , its looking gorgeous in here already love you xxxxx

    1. Hi sis, aww thank you ... I've tried to view your blogspot but it won't let me as I need permission from you honey ... I'm still trying to get the hang of it lol ... Hopefully will do soon as I'm really liking it so far, just need to get used to it ... Love you too xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx