Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Merry Christmas

Christmas? ... Hmm, well for a lot of people it's a happy, exciting time of year filled with love, family and peace .... For some, however, it can be a very painful time of year filled with heartache, grief and loneliness .... I remember when I was a child, Christmas was magical, my parents made sure of that :) .... Now, after all these years, being widowed and after a turbulent and quite traumatic life experiences, yes it still holds some joy but it's not the same for me ... I'm very grateful for what I have, I don't really get too excited over Christmas, but it's a time of year now where I'm glad I can relax after the mad rush is finished... My ideal Christmas would be spent with family, somewhere like a quiet beach in the warm sunshine, not very traditional but something I would like to do at some point.  I've not updated in a short time, mainly because of the Christmas rush at work, mum still is very poorly, she's home but still unwell and I've had several appointments in terms of my health ... I seem to be baffling my doctor right now, my blood test results came back abnormal, it's a possibility the sarcoidosis isn't under control as well as it was before my medication was lowered .... I'm showing inflammatory markers again, suggesting it's flaring up ... It certainly feels that way body wise, I'm very sore and in pain all the time, he's not sure whether to put it down to Sarcoid, Fibromyalgia or a combination of the two but upshot for now is to increase the medication for the fibro .... The whole mix though is not helping, so stress wise, it's a bit of a trying time right now.  I feel like changes are about to made beyond my control, not because I want them to happen, but there's not much I can really do about it if they do ... I think it will be a mistake on the part of who I am referring to, but I can't and won't ever advise them they shouldn't do it even if I think they are making a huge error of judgment .... I think they will regret it .... We truly as a whole don't realize how important our health is .... Once it fails, it has not only an impact on us but our whole family and loved ones too ... It's so important to be in good health, I cannot stress that enough and if you are healthy, then you are very blessed in that way .... Chronic illness in particular can be a very difficult battle, we aren't considered as being in a life threatening state of health, but we aren't well either ... People do die from Sarcoidosis, it's one of those diseases that is unheard of, then once diagnosed, can be difficult to treat and monitor as it's not considered to be a serious enough condition, until of course, it's too late ... Just my thoughts, but here's a fact ... I've met friends online only to lose them to this disease, it hurts to lose them, it's also very frightening ... Just knowing that there's a chance I'm not in remission any more is frightening ... Sarcoidosis can and does spread anywhere, it is most commonly found in the lungs, lymph nodes, skin, eyes but it literally can spread anywhere and has been located in the liver, kidneys, bones and joints, salivary glands, heart and brain .... We need tighter monitoring, more frequent checks and tests to ensure that doesn't happen and if it does, it's dealt with as swift as possible to avoid risk of death ... So far it has been found in my lungs, lymph nodes, skin, eyes, parotid and submandibular glands, bones and joints ... So for now, that's that .... Christmas Eve is almost here so with that in mind...............

May you all be blessed this Christmas, I wish you all peace, good health, happiness and love ... I will probably update after Christmas now as things are about to get quite busy again .... Have a very Happy Christmas!  Thank you for calling by and reading my posts. 

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