Sunday, 24 July 2016

Holidays At Last!! πŸ‘™

FINALLY!!!! I can kick back and have a much needed rest .... It's been forever since I last blogged so I'm thrilled about having the time and energy to blog again ... I have literally been exhausted, had very little to no time and when I have had any spare time, I've spent it asleep ... Seriously ... I have been working, walking my baby dog and sleeping ... Oh and housework too, I deep cleaned in my kitchen yesterday but it's hard to work in this heat ... For some reason this part of England has been having ridiculously high temperatures which wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for the awful humidity that accompanies these soaring temperatures ... Everyone's complaining and I must admit, while I love the summer, I dislike working in such humidity especially in a kitchen .... We had our uniforms changed recently too and the new one's are much heavier, which will be great in the winter as they'll be warmer, but in the summer they are a pain and too thick to be comfortable in ... 

Online life has been quieter stalker wise LOL ... Well it was for a while and I noticed it has picked up again on Facebook and on GG ... Oh well, whatever tickles your pickle I guess!

I am working on a new tag at last too!! I do take forever to make them, I'm not very quick with them as I like to faff about and have them "just so" ... I've been downloading some latest releases from the amazing and phenomenal Keith Garvey ... You can find his website HERE or you can click the tab in the bar at the top of my blog page ... This guy is an absolute genius ... His art is just beautiful ... Also been hunting around for some scrap kits to add to my collection and I'm looking to build my own website so I can sell my own scrap kits and also so my friend, Lorraine, can sell her beautiful art too online ... I'm hoping to have it all sussed and up and running as soon as possible ... 

Sarcoidosis wise, well it is what it is ... I'm no better or worse at the moment ... I just am ... I'm so tired of one hospital appointment after the other, it's all too much so I'm taking a break from the lunacy of attending appointment after appointment after appointment ... I need a break and I will leave the care to my doctor for now ... I can't stand all the hospital appointments one after the other kind of thing ... It's exhausting in the end ... There's times I get tired of speaking about it too, kind of weird as I'm all for awareness ... Think it might be a little bit feeling disheartened as I hear so much of death from this disease that I'm sort of tired of the whole thing ... I know parts of me are crapping out ... I'm not altogether sure right now that I care .... What will be will be ... It's very difficult to try and live with this illness, as I'm sure it is to live with any misunderstood and/or chronic illness ... There's times I just detach myself from it all and maybe it's a way of coping within that moment, but I just want to feel like there's more to life than sickness and death .... I try and do my best as do we all ... I just need to distract and detach ... I'm tired of sarcoidosis, I'm tired of death through sarcoidosis, I'm tired of lives destroyed through sarcoidosis ... If only people knew more about the disease and would understand that people who have and deal with sarcoidosis daily are incredible ... They don't get recognition for how much harder they work to try and live a sort of normal life, they are just assumed to be a little under the weather, when in reality all of us with this illness are really poorly ... We just choose not to give up! 

Have a lovely Sunday all of you and thank you for calling by!

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