Saturday, 2 July 2016

Saturday So Far..........

I woke in pain and I'm sorry for being so graphic, I've been bleeding for about 3 weeks now and I didn't have the common sense to realize that it could be playing it's part as to why I am so physically and mentally whomped out too ... I think I'm so used to it, I've just plodded along and accepted it but I know it's not right ... I also know it's not a cervical cancerous cause which is a relief to be honest ... However, it is draining me and I do need some help ... Guess it's a trip to the doctor next week then .... 

My mood is low at this moment, I have to clean the house and I will do it, I just feel so wiped out all the time ... I'll blog more a bit later, this one is purely so I can just let it out in the moment kind of thing ... I feel very sad at the moment for lots of reasons, human beings are so cruel as a whole .... They will be the reason why this planet is destroyed ... It's in their nature to just destroy, no matter how good they have it, it's never enough ... No matter how good a person may be and how hard they try, it'll never be enough for ungrateful human beings who have it all and don't appreciate it .... What exactly do I mean by having it all?  Having it all is having good health, being loved, stability in the home, enough food, warmth and everything you need ... It might not be everything you want, but at least you have what you need ... Some people have none of these things ...... I'll leave that with you.

Bye for now xoxoxo

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