Friday, 12 August 2016

My Bucket List 🤔

Ok, so I haven't blogged in like, forever, for a few reasons ... First I had no computer for weeks ... My old computer, which wasn't overly old to be honest, I bought it in late 2012, went kaput ... The power supply unit needs replacing ... I made a decision to order a new power supply unit for it and pay for someone to replace it for me so I could keep my old machine ... BIG mistake ... First off I phoned a company called PC Callout Ltd ... They're online as PC ... So, I phone and speak to a very nice lady who sends a computer engineer out that same day to me ... Very impressed, although when he got here there was nothing he could do, other than order the power supply unit ... He handed all the details over to the ladies in the office, all of whom, assure me the unit will be delivered by courier the next working day ... As it was Friday I waited til Monday and by the afternoon had heard nothing from them, so I gave them a call .... Was told the unit was ordered and to wait to hear from the engineer ... So I waited ..... And I waited some more.  By Wednesday I was getting rather pissed off as in between waiting I had called the office and been promised 3-4 call backs by then and none had bothered to respond ... I was then told the part wasn't available when I phoned back rather cross .... So then I asked for a refund ... That took this company a week of broken promises of call backs and my money to be returned to me .... All this on top of haemorrhaging and being in absolute agony and my eldest son being poorly as well ... Not a great start to the school holiday ... Anyway by the Friday of last week I was ripping my hair out with it all, my money was eventually refunded and I went with my gut instinct and purchased a new computer and accessories to go, all with a year's warranty for less than what I'd have paid to have my old machine fixed .... I'm almost up and running again, still have a lot of loading on to do, but fingers crossed, I'm getting there now ... I'm haemorrhaging again so have to take it easy, I've got to pick up my prescription from the Chemist later on ... So, in the meantime I'm having toast, coffee and cuddles with my Eddie baby dog and thought, why not finish my bucket list? My friend for many years, Lorraine, said I made a good start, I haven't seen Lorraine since I was a teenager, but we got back in contact recently thanks to a very dear friend of my late husband finding me on Facebook ... It's lovely being back in touch after so many years ... One of the very best things about Facebook is when you are back in touch with old friends. 

So, my bucket list began with this:-

1) Swim with non captive dolphins
2) Watch the sunrise on a beach in the summer
3) Visit my friends scattered across the globe from Wales to New Zealand
4) Make peace with those who hurt me, doesn't mean I have to see them, but for me, just to allow myself to let them and what they did go, I think I have done that but just in case I've missed anyone out ;)
5) Own some Keith Garvey art for my home, some door skins and hopefully some art work on my walls too 
6) Have my kids name's tattooed on my wrists, yes I'm having this done in a few weeks by Michael Rose (look him up, he's amazing!) I picked a beautiful design in purple, sky blue and black so I'm very much looking forward to this as I've been promising for years to have this done and now I'm just going for it.
7) Eat cake ... Come on, there's always room for cake :)
8) Find better methods of pain management ... This is something I think, can help if you can somehow train your mind to believe it's not there or isn't as awful? Yeah I mean, strong pain killers do the trick for now, but what am I going to do when I've pretty much worked my way through the codeine bunch and am left with not much choice? The thought of opiods isn't appealing at all ... I need to do something before I get that far and in all reality, I know the sarcoidosis is just going to continue to deteriorate me within ... My nodes are so enlarged now they squeeze my throat, they trap nerves and press on organs causing more pain .... My bones and joints are deteriorating, my organs aren't functioning as well as they should, my eyesight is deteriorating through middle age and sarcoidosis, I don't have much time left in terms of quality of life .... I need to make the most of now as tomorrow, I just don't know if it'll be possible the way things are going
9) This is something I want to see - The truth coming out, enough said
10) Find a way so my Eddie baby dog will be young and live forever with me, this is odd to some but makes perfect sense to me, when I die, I want my Eddie to rest with me ... He will be on sacred ground, I want his name with mine and something I wrote for him, so everyone knows the joy he brought me in life, he came along when I needed him and he's my very best friend.  

There, all done :) ... Have a wonderful Friday and thank you for calling by xoxoxo

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