Sunday, 27 March 2016

Crazy Week! BUT I made another tag LOL

First of all, a very Happy Easter to everyone and thank you for calling by!  It has been one bastard of a week all in all ... Not that I mean to complain, it's not all bad but it's had it's moments ... It started out smoothly then went to shit basically .... Barnet General hospital are officially the bane of my very existence, offering not only my sick mum a disgracefully poor care service, but in the process, managing to stress me out at work and upset my family as a whole .... Some doctor who didn't know mum, only spent a matter of minutes with her, took it upon herself to phone me while I was at work and literally argue the toss with me, insisting my mum has dementia .... After a matter of minutes!! ... Absolutely bloody disgusting!  Yes my mum is in her 80's, yes she is forgetful but she's sharp as a tack still ... She's not stupid and she's certainly NOT got dementia .... You can have a lucid and flowing conversation with her ... She has full mental capacity, yet this trout of a doctor was arguing with me otherwise ... Highly unprofessional and insensitive to say the least.  I couldn't get the bloody woman off the phone quick enough after that .... First of all, an MRI is required, many tests also and months of assessments to fully and properly diagnose dementia .... Plus, you do not, I repeat DO NOT contact the next of kin over the phone at work and argue with them, insistent that your patient that you don't know, haven't spent hardly any time with, has dementia, then provide them with that firm diagnosis over the bloody phone!  Yes I am complaining to Barnet General about this doctor in A.A.U .... Vile woman! .... So that was just the beginning .... Then, I lost my bank card, I remember clearly my son handing it back to me after he withdrew some money, what I actually did with the card once it was handed back to me is a complete and total blur .... I cannot for the life of me remember what I did with it and I still can't find it .... What a twit!  So, had to order a new card and stop the old one ... I'm sure one day I will see the funny side but at the moment, I'm very concerned that I simply can't remember things, especially something as vital as storing cards etc ..... My short term memory is a disgrace to be honest ... I even forget stuff at work that my friend asks me to try and remember for her .... It's not that it's not important to me, it is very important ... I just cannot retain it at all .... I think sometimes people think I just don't care, that's certainly not the case though.  I know my friend at work knows I'm a divvy head LOL .... She's very tolerant and understanding .... Something I need from people I'm close to.  

Apart from that everything is superb to be honest ... Still blissfully happy and enjoying life as best I can .... Tony has made such a difference, I didn't know how unhappy I was until he came along .... Such an amazing man.... Not letting this one go :) ... He's wonderful

As far as the sarcoidosis is going, I'm still symptomatic but you know what? ... I simply can't be bothered to waste my precious time going over the symptoms with my doctor to be told it's something else! Yes they do seem to want to put the symptoms down to anything but sarcoidosis LOL ... I've no idea why .... I just smile sweetly, roll my eyes and think fuck it LOL .... This evening the numbness has returned in the left side of my face, no headache though which is good, my hearing in my left ear is definitely on the blink, my eyes are the same, still swollen salivary glands and lymph nodes but I now have a sore throat and a cold which my eldest son has decided to generously share LOL .... Took my dog, Eddie to the Groomer a couple of days ago, managed to buy some doggy toothpaste for him too which I'm pleased about ... Also bought him some fragrance for when I bath him in between the full pampers at Mutts Cuts .... They're really good in there, lovely staff and the dogs all run around happily and play once they've been pampered .... Eddie gets on so well with other dogs and people, I'm so proud of him ... Although he did piss all up their door as we left which I was rather red faced about, they saw the funny side thankfully! :) 

Had a lovely surprise too yesterday, an old friend got in touch after finding me on Facebook! Was so wonderful to see him in the online sense ... After all these years .... Such a lovely surprise .... Took me back to when I was 18 again .... Life was great back then, much more simple and fun filled in the sense, I was young, settled down at a young age, but happy so it didn't matter ... Everything was just easier, I had youth and health on my side ... Different story now but we have to try and make the very best of what we have .... It's not easy though so I get that side of it too ... Much easier said than done .... But I've learned a lot and still continue to learn .... I know that when something truly terrible and traumatic happens to you, you find out who your real friends and family are .... Life teaches you to filter out the crap pretty much ... You know who is real and who isn't ... I keep my circle small, best way for me ... I never let anyone back in who has hurt me or my kids in the past, I don't even entertain the idea of communication with them unless they really want to push me for a fuck off and when you get there fuck off again response.  

Well if you made it this far you deserve a medal LOL ... Thank you so much for calling by, for reading my ramblings and if you do pop by regularly, thank you!  It does mean a lot to me :) ... For anyone calling by with sarcoidosis, if you are struggling, if you feel alone, please believe me, I know how hard it can be .... I've found tremendous support and family on Facebook, if you do need anything at all in terms of support, then please let me know, I will gladly provide you with some helpful links to some amazing support groups ... Just look after you, if no one believes you when you say you are sick, just know it's not all in your head .... It is a real disease, showing up on X Rays, CT Scans and MRI with contrast to name a few, it is also potentially fatal, so despite any negativity you may encounter from those around you, please ensure for your own health and quality of life, that you have a superb doctor/specialist for whichever area the sarcoid is found .... As you probably already know, it can be found literally anywhere ... It can be exhausting keeping up with hospital appointments too, seeing one consultant for one thing and one for another, you feel wiped out and then on top of that you have the symptoms and also the treatment/medications themselves which aren't pleasant and can potentially carry some nasty side effects.  

BUT ... You don't have to face it alone .... There's some amazing support out there!

Ok, time to close with ... Yep, another tag I just finished ... This is titled Spring Fever and is awaiting approval on my Glitter Graphics account .... Please take care, have a wonderful Easter and enjoy your chocolate!  If you're spending time with family, have a lovely and peaceful day and I hope you are as pain free as you can possibly be and living life to the best you can!

Hugs, Gina xxx

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