Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Quick Update

Just letting you all know that everything is still great, I'm enjoying life and feeling very happy thanks to Tony..... I had an interesting meeting with my doctor earlier today, I managed to get something I felt I needed to help with a problem that keeps occurring ... We got on to the talk about my C and S protein deficiency and the Stroke Clinic requesting a re-test ... That's all now arranged and also I had no idea but my regular doctor phoned a haematologist based at our local hospital to discuss my blood and there's talk of me being referred to this particular haematologist for further investigation .... My blood work has showed discrepancies for years so I'm relieved that a referral is now in the pipeline .... The Sarcoidosis is still being an arsehole but I just live with it and thank it as if it wasn't for it, I wouldn't have met Tony so there's a massive plus side to this disease for me .... I still haven't forgotten about continuing from where we left off in a previous blog, that will get typed up and published at some point ... For now, I'm happy focussing on the positives in my life, the wonderful changes I'm blessed to be a part of and embrace ... Oh, I also had some time to make a new tag,  a St Patrick's Day one and yep, you guessed it! I'm using the beautiful art work of Keith Garvey! My all time favourite artist ... Hint hint for this year's Christmas list!! :) I'd like some door skins and his signed prints and anything else you can grab for me .... Thanks my Santas!! :) 

I do hope you are all well, I hope you're even a fraction as happy as me right now ... For any of my Sarc family who are reading this, I hope you are as well as you can be, for any new sarc friends who call by and are looking for amazing and supportive friends and trying to gather up any info you can, there's some incredibly supportive groups over on Facebook ... The people in them are my family, they are who I turn to when I have worries and concerns about this illness .... They're all amazing, they're so kind and understanding and you'll be made most welcome and part of the family too.

As far as my life goes, I couldn't be happier .... I'm living, laughing, loving .... I never thought I'd ever be in such a good place after being in such a bad one ... Sending my love to you all, please look after yourselves and thank you so much for calling by and reading my blogs ... This BlogSpot account is still fairly new, I've not been on here for very long and I am hoping that this will somehow generate some positivity within the Sarcoidosis community and also those who share in my passion for art, especially the wonderful Keith Garvey!

Speaking of Mr Garvey ... Here's my latest :) 

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