Saturday, 12 March 2016

Ugh ... Sleep Is Eluding Me Tonight!

Yep, I'm having one of those nights whereby sleep has given me the royal finger .... I honestly thought I would crash out as it has been a busy week, I'm bound to have forgotten something this week knowing me .... I'm just catching up over on my Glitter Graphics account, almost there I think ... Got a lot on my mind tonight .... Have tried to distract myself by finishing off a tag I have been working on when I can for the past few days in between work and home life ... Then trying to catch up with requests, I can honestly say, hand on heart I would go nuts without Photoshop and my hobby .... It does help a lot ... It's also lovely when people like what you do ... Makes it all so worthwhile .... Oh well, while I'm up I may as well make some tea and wait for the washing machine to finish .... I must be bonkers lol ... It's almost 4:50am and I'm wide awake, I napped earlier but just can't settle properly .... I don't like stuff like this playing on my mind at all ... It's something that I personally feel could be easily avoided and isn't necessary .... So while I'm here I guess I should show off my latest tag I finished ... Again a St Patrick's Day theme and yep you guessed, it wouldn't be right or proper not to use a beautiful splash of Keith Garvey genius! :) ... 

If you're sleeping well, I'm jealous LOL ... Goodnight, I will try and sleep, just not right now .... Here's my latest!

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