Sunday, 20 March 2016

Flare Up But I Finished A Tag!

Yep, I'm having a flare up ... My glands are up, my jaw hurts with the swelling and so does my neck, my right leg has been nothing short of unbearable today, along with pain overall...  I managed to walk my dog tonight, just about though .... I'm really feeling it right now ... I'm grumpy, bloated, sore and in pain, so exhausted and wiped out and having one hot flush after the other ... ARGH!! LOL... Yesterday was awful, all in all the weekend was not one I care to look back on memory wise ... Was so glad that Spurs beat Bournemouth today though so that cheered me up a little bit :) .... I hope everyone's doing good, if you're a sarkie reading this then I do hope this finds you as pain free as possible .... I'm trying to rest as much as I can, I'm off to bed very soon as the exhaustion is really pulling me down now and I'm whomped as a bucket of whomped things! Only a few more days at work before the Easter break so I feel I should go in even if I look like I have a gob full of marshmallows! ... I wish you all well, lots of pain free and healthy times ahead .... I finished a spring tag too so here it is .... I've not forgotten about the other blogs I promised, I will do them in due course but for now I'll leave you all with this and say goodnight, sweet dreams and have a great week! 

See you soon!

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