Friday, 8 April 2016

Getting This Off My Chest

Ok, I've been keeping very quiet about this, it's not the most important thing in my life, in fact it pales into insignificance as the most ridiculous and stupid thing anyone has ever done to me.  I'm not, for the time being, naming and shaming, I would like to as I know this person will be stalking me on here as well as my Glitter Graphics account and possibly Facebook even though I've blocked several of their accounts on there.  Unfortunately I can't block this person from seeing my Glitter Graphic account, second of all why should I?  It's a wonderful place, filled with amazing artists and friends and I'm really happy on there.  No one is spoiling it for me, despite efforts made to do so in the past.

So, how did this all start? ..... I'll tell you, from the beginning...........

I was befriended by someone last year over on GG and also Facebook, they then, for absolutely no reason, removed me from their Facebook account and their GG account ... Ok, fair enough, that's fine with me, a shame, but if that's how they feel then I'm not about to enforce myself upon anyone ... We are all free to make our own minds up ..... However, it wasn't just left there sadly.... It was brought to my attention that this person was foul mouthing me on GG, they thought that because they commented in their own language no one would be any the wiser ... That's not very wise, given that there's such a thing as Google Translate .... I do have screenshots of ALL the abuse by the way.  So, after finding this out, I just ignored them, it seemed the most sensible thing to do, they had and probably still have friends on there and the last thing I wanted to do was cause bother, I'm interested in making graphics and chatting to friends, not bullshit .... So, time passed, everything seemed fine despite the fact my flag counter was notching up visits from the country they are based in ... I then find out that everything I'm doing is being copied by this person .... Not exactly, but in their own way .... I got news for you girl, my ideas aren't probably original, I just get them, try them out, they either work or they don't, but I don't claim them to be an original thought, so why the fuck would you copy them?  You have talent, yet you stalk me even now, still doing the same thing but on your giphy account ... Just, why? What's your point lady? ... When you got caught out copying, when you were proven to be copying you were stripped of your Official Artist title, you abused me on Facebook when I was announced as an Official Artist, you, in your own language, to a friend of yours publicly on GG called me arrogant and stated that I think I'm the best ... Well, here's a bulletin hot off the press, you're wrong ... I don't think I'm the best at all ... Did you ever stop to think that I'm in awe of the likes of Keith Garvey and Anaterium? ... Many more besides, but they are 2 of my ultimate favourites ... They are the best ... Not me, certainly not you! You spread lies about me using many identities on GG because you got yourself kicked off through your disgraceful behaviour and you called me a bitch .... Now, here's the thing, you were a proven copycat, ok? ... I've kept so quiet about all this, this was months and months ago, yet here I am sat here notching up your visits on my flag counter, oh by the way, Blogger also shows how many visits I get and from which country .... Bet you didn't see that one coming did you? So I know damn well you are, even now, stalking me .... You're absolutely pathetic ... I've seen your latest on your giphy account and yes, you're still copying me .... Let me tell you something you vile piece of work .... Creativity is not a competition .... I saw that on a friend's account and think it is a marvellous and true statement .... I also think you have some serious mental issues to still be doing what you're doing even now .... Thing is, if you'd been nice to me, if we'd been friends, it wouldn't even have mattered quite as much ... If you'd come to me and asked me how something was done, I would have gladly taken the time to share with you, explain to you, helped you with anything you might have asked for ... I'm flattered when I see someone taking ideas from something I've done and use those ideas in what they do, it is a huge compliment, but from you, it's plain fucking creepy and nasty .... Whatever this problem is that you have, you need help .... I think you're jealous ... I don't know why you would be, but you strike me as a very jealous and insecure person .... I'm glad you have friends, I think you need them .... Just don't drag them into your bullshit and expect them to be there for you .... That's the best advice I can give you, you're certainly not deserving of my time, or my compassion .... I hope you realize that you are very talented someday and don't need to stalk me like you do ... I hope you get over it and move on .... I've kept this away from my GG and Facebook accounts for a reason ... You don't belong in my circle of friends and it's not fair on them to witness you slagging me off and it's not fair on me to have to sit there and say nothing while you do ... So, instead of it going onto a pleasant and happy place, you've earned yourself a spot on here ... You don't deserve to be a part of anything I do .... I know you will read this because you can't help yourself ... You have to stalk me, it's become part of who you are now, you have to hate me for no reason, so I put that down to jealousy .... So read this and move on .... Stop your bullshit and get your act together .... It's fucking sad and as I said earlier, it's absolutely pathetic .... Move on...... My life, my graphics .... They are of no concern to you ... They are none of your business and you should have moved on a long time ago.... I don't wish bad on you, I've not stooped to your level .... You need to leave and don't come back.  Good luck.

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