Sunday, 17 April 2016

Heart Issues

Another quick post as I am heading off to bed soon ... I've talked about this briefly in the past but I have heart problems which I only found out about last summer when I had a T.I.A .... These issues are ongoing, with possible referral to a haematologist as I have C and S protein deficiency ... More often than not my blood test results show discrepancies in one way or another and I now have frequent chest pain, I try and ignore them but they're there ... One reason why I have become more introverted lately too, I don't want or need the stress .... I don't know what the outcome of these tests will be but I can only hope for a positive one ... In the meantime I'm trying to just look after myself a little better, without hopefully, neglecting those I love in the process. I need peace, quiet, stability and calm.  Now I'm definitely off to bed LOL 

Goodnight again x

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