Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Sarcoid Update! Plus New Graphics I Made

It's been a few days since I updated and while the house is quiet I thought I'd have a cup of tea and write a new blog.  It's been a stressful time out from work, I was hoping for a less stressful time but overall it has been enjoyable, I'm grateful for the time away from work, I'm enjoying my time with my nearest and dearest and my beautiful dog, Eddie ... So what have I been up to? ... Well, yesterday I needed to go shopping, so I went to the supermarket, came home and walked Eddie, who found the largest pile of shat and threw himself in it and went rolly roll for a few moments!! He was plastered and when I say plastered, I mean he spent the rest of his walk with splats of shit on him from his face to his tail ... First thing we did when we came home was bath him, which is always fun anyway :) ... My mood fluctuates very actively at the moment too, one minute I'm light mooded, happy and everything is fine, then next I'm feeling like the world is about to end LOL ... Very strange so maybe I should blame menopause, why the fuck not?! :) ... In terms of the sarcoidosis, I still feel so much pain within, a huge sadness I'm carrying around right now, partly because I sense it from my online friends too in terms of the loss of Nancy and 3 others, including a little girl ... It's so messed up and wrong ... Then I see wonderful souls fighting so hard to get the awareness out there, people like my friend and sister Alesia, I see Frank working so hard for us, my friend Lee-Ann who is such an inspiration... I'm so proud of everyone with sarcoidosis ... Why? ... For many reasons, we face not only a battle with this disease, we also face an invisible battle, a battle that hurts us to the core every single day because no one understands, they think and they assume that because we look ok on the outside, we are fine on the inside ... It's simply not the case and that is huge for someone like me ... Now I know we can't change people and the way they are, but finding a way to alter their thinking, their level of understanding, I hope that can one day be achieved without the death of those with sarcoidosis ... Death is the ultimate price we pay for this illness, we have no cure, no understanding, just nothing out there other than each other for support.  I think that is also a factor as to why we all feel it so bad when we lose someone.  It's so lonely and so painful.

Ok ... Trying to move along, I have made some more graphics, this one is to hopefully draw attention to the blog, it's hosted on my Glitter Graphics account but isn't actually in my uploads ... I've hosted it elsewhere.... Here it is! :) 

I've also been getting into the spring swing, if that's even a term?! :) ... Sounds a bit naughty actually too LOL ... I'm loving the beautiful psp tubes and scrap kits right now ... They're so vibrant and full of life ... I was definitely born to be a spring person, I dislike winter with a passion, this weather and all the vibrancy around us right now is amazing ... Such uplifting colours and so lovely to walk Eddie and hearing the birds singing, watching the rabbits playing and smelling the fresh spring air, it's such an incredible feeling seeing nature coming back to life again ... I've so missed this time of year .... Plus now having Tony too ... I feel very blessed even though my mood does dip low and I feel overwhelmed with sadness also ... I know I have everything to live for, I hold on to those thoughts in the darker moments ... They pull me back to the light..... So...... Here's my latest spring graphic :) 

Have a great day! Love and hugs,

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