Saturday, 28 May 2016

Babysitting Only It's Not a Human! :)

Awwww I am officially the luckiest lady alive as I'm babysitting my dog's brother ... So .... Instead of one Jack Russell fur baby to look after, I'm now looking after two and so far I'm loving every second of it ... Eddie baby dog has a brother named Gonzo, they are both so cute together too! They're both fast asleep at the moment in the living room beside me .... They've had a busy evening playing shred the football and go out for a pee just because and eat each other's food LOL ... OMG I had no idea how two together could be so adorable .... They are so beautiful .... I think Gonzo is missing his mummy so I'm trying to reassure him with the same amount of cuddles as I give to Eddie ... I don't want to make either one feel left out ... I've got next week off work too which I'm very much looking forward to .... I'm hoping the weather will be good enough to take them out and enjoy every second with them ... They're so well behaved .... It's so quiet here too, it's gone 1 in the morning and there's not a sound outside or inside ... I did wonder if I might have to deal with a bit more noise, but no .... Only time they bark at the moment is if they hear someone outside and think they are walking up the pathway ... They're not, it's just one dog barks and the other follows suit ... Monkey see, monkey do kind of thing and oh, by the way, Gonzo's farts are rank!! LOL ... This sweet little fuzz bum is crashed out next to me and farting The Bluebells Of Scotland!! ... OMG the little guy is skunking my nostrils big style .... Smelly little pooch ....I thought Eddie could let the stinkies fly but Gonzo is light years ahead!! 

So, aside the fact that Gonzo is melting my eyebrows through farting merrily away, all's good :) ... I'm waiting for my youngest son to come home after a night out and my eldest won't be home til the morning as the poor lad is working night shift ... 16 hours tonight, I honestly don't know where he gets his stamina and energy from ... He reminds me of a Duracell Bunny!! 

I've been making tags but haven't uploaded any on here for a while so I thought I would share my latest one .... I'm quite pleased with this one :) 

Goodnight, sweet dreams xox

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