Sunday, 11 September 2016

Got Lots Going On

Just a very quick update to first off, show off a new header I made :) ... Also to say I'm now back at work and life has become extremely busy once more ... I'm having more health issues, this time, very quickly and in a nutshell, I have to have an urgent referral to a Haematologist as my doctor suspects I might have a possible blood disorder ... It would explain some symptoms I've been having for a while but let's just wait and see on that score ... I will have my blood test results back in the week so hopefully I will know a bit more then either way ... I'm happy to be back at work, can't say as I relish the early mornings especially with being in this pain but it's one of them things ... I want to work for as long as I can ... I'm also very worried about my mum, she's not improving and it is such a worry ... I know she's 83 but I guess I look upon her as the invincible one ... I forget how vulnerable she is sometimes as she's always been there for me, held me up especially when Dave died .... Anyway I'm not going too much in depth now as it is late on Sunday night here and I have to be up bright and early ... I will hopefully have time to catch up later on in the week ... In the meantime thank you for calling by, please take good care of yourselves and have a wonderful start to your week ... Lots of love and hugs!

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