Sunday, 18 September 2016

Very Busy Week With Lots Of Ouch And Ooooh 😂

Oh my, what a week!! I kept saying all week, I'll blog today if I get time, yep ... I didn't get time LOL ... It's been completely mental ... Monday was a tough day for personal reasons, however I definitely believe and feel a positive outcome was achieved ... I am glad I have closure on a particular issue that has been plaguing my family for a while ... It's over and behind us thankfully and we can now move on .... Tuesday saw me taking a clonk in the kitchen I work in ... I won't go into the matter too much on here, suffice to say I do wish someone wasn't in such a hurry all the time as when they are, their actions result in injury, usually mine! I banged my head on the dishwasher, I'm talking a proper industrial dishwasher which is huge with a large metal handle ... I wasn't impressed ... I had to quickly move out the way to avoid a collision with this staff member and in doing so it resulted in me smacking my head ... It is not the way to behave at work .. It's not the first time I've taken an injury because of this person, it shouldn't happen ... Period! 

Now I've had my grumble let's move on to Wednesday which was B12 injection day ... I hate to be negative here, I am convinced the B12 does help but I never feel the benefit like that energy boost many speak about ... Nope, doesn't happen for me .. My last B12 count even with regular 3 monthly injections was only considered to be mid range and anyone who knows anything at all about B12 will know the serum test shows inactive B12 as well which is useless ... My actual B12 level therefore is much lower and I feel like I am teetering on the borderline of deficient once more ... Keeping in mind I have pernicious anaemia, I am terrified of getting sick like I was before I was eventually diagnosed ... Thursday I went to visit mum ... She's not improving at all ... It's so sad seeing her like this ... I really do need my mum ... I've never needed anyone like I need her ... I don't want to lose the one person who I am so close to even if I don't see her as much as I would like to ... She has no clue how poorly I am as I know she would worry and hiding it from her is very hard as she notices everything ... I can't walk properly any more as my right hip is now in so much pain, even with 3, 15/500 Co Codamol which I'm sure isn't wise to take so I do NOT advocate that or encourage anyone to do that!! DON'T! My blood test results are also abnormal ... I was expecting that though .... Friday is our busiest day at work ... It flew by ... Plus the weather had cooled down by then thankfully ... It has been a mostly humid week here, very hot temperatures for the time of year and way too hot to be working in a kitchen! ... But we got through it like we always do ... My favourite times in the week are definitely walking my little dog ... He and I must walk miles each week ... I find it so peaceful and calming and spending time with my little sweetheart is so fulfilling ... He really is the light of my life .. I'm sure I've mentioned that before, but he totally is LOL ... I absolutely adore him.

Tag wise I've been making some non animated ones for a change ... I haven't been on my Glitter Graphics account in a while so I would love to be able to take some time out to spend on there again soon ... I do find tag making so relaxing, I get lost in time pretty much as it flies by when I'm buried in Photoshop ... I still make animated ones, just haven't felt like doing so of late ... 

Anyway I will leave you with a few of my latest ones below and wish you a fantastic week ahead ... I do hope all is good with you, things here are ticking along ok at the moment, I hope they continue to do so as well ... I don't have much to report sarcoidosis wise, other than it's still there LOL ... I do wonder if my lungs are becoming more affected as I have noticed that very occasionally, when I laugh or I'm out of breath I feel crackles in my lungs ... But only very occasionally ... I just wish I knew what exactly is causing such awful pain in my right side, it's definitely progressively getting worse ... Anyway, here's a few of my latest tags ... Have a great week and thank you for calling by!

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