Thursday, 1 September 2016

Much Better Day And Feeling Much Better ☀

Ok so after posting a couple of blogs where I wasn't in a good place, I'm now feeling a lot better .... I think part of it is I allow the illnesses I have to overwhelm me, I become very low in mood, it is a struggle to fight through pain and stress all the time, but yesterday I did something for me ... No one else, just me ... I took a selfish attitude on board and decided it is "me" day ... So ..... I had a long hot bath, washed my hair, then I decided to pamper myself and apply a fake tan ... I'd read about this one on Amazon and also done some research as to which one is a decent one to purchase, compared spray tan costs etc ....... It's an Art Naturals product and very easy to apply with the mitt .. There's no mess and it goes on beautifully, there's no stench of a thousand farts like some have and oh those 80's fake tans LOL .... So I applied, wore loose clothing after 10 minutes, went shopping to the supermarket and walked my dog, Eddie .... I checked my appearance last night and had a gorgeous glow ... I also after a number of hours, probably around 6, noticed that awful fake tan smell was rearing it's head ... However, if you apply this product the night before, then really it shouldn't be an issue as you'll be showering the next morning anyway before you start your day .... I'm not really into fake tans but this one definitely tops the bill as the best one I have ever applied ... I have one tiny streak on my right leg ... Other than that I look like I've had a nice break from it all in Australia LOL ... No oompa Loompa orange either ... Just a lovely, healthy glow .... After all the stress of this holiday, yesterday was much needed .... I also am still having to accept that I am wild at heart, I will always hold this feeling of wanting to be free, I find myself so much happier walking my dog, outside, in the fields, the woods, anywhere where nature is rich in abundance ... I also love the beach ... I've always been a more outdoors type of person ... That's never changed .. However, I am more recluse than I ever was before 2005 .... 

Today I am having wrist tattoos as well, I am so looking forward to seeing Michael Rose ... He did my lower back tattoo many years ago ... I haven't seen him since but I know from just reading up on him, he has an incredible reputation ... I'm so looking forward to it ... I met his wife and was chatting with her on and off for most of the day when my son had his upper arm done .... She's gorgeous and such a lovely lady.

On that note, I need to sign off and have my bath and get ready ... I hope you all have a wonderful day today and that life is kind to you ... Lots of love and hugs xxxxxx

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