Friday, 24 June 2016

E.U Referendum 🇬🇧

Ok I wasn't going to blog about the Referendum, after all this is supposed to be a Sarcoidosis blog ... Right? However, I've witnessed so much aggression and hate on Facebook throughout the course of the day, I just threw caution to the wind and said fuck it ... Let's all take a chill pill and calm down please .... I've seen insults fly, people unfriending one another, people blamed for placing the X in the box they wanted ... Oh man ... Really? .... We are adults, we are old enough to vote, we have that right in a free country ... We also have the right to disagree, it's not a crime ... But do we really have to be spiteful? ... I don't think it's necessary, despite whether we have that right or not ..... Politics are a fucker ... They make the fur fly and bonds crumble ... The problem is, everyone believes they're right ... Ok, fair enough, but agree to disagree then ... Simple as .... One point I will make ... I will personally, not be accountable for what happens, I will hold my head high and not hang my head in shame as I witnessed someone say and not to me thankfully, no one has the right to belittle and berate another into feeling that they should be totally ashamed of themselves for the way they voted .... That's cruel and I will first of all, not allow anyone the absolute pleasure of making me feel bad, nor will I stoop so low as to want to make someone else feel bad for not voting the same way I chose to vote ... I will say this .... I am proud to be British and I always will be ... I was born to old school parents who worked extremely hard for what they had, my father fought in the 2nd World War, my mum was caught up in the London Blitz .... Both were such proud people, it's something I picked up.... We had a good life as kids because of them, I had no idea I lived in such a beautiful home as a child, I took having so much space for granted because I knew no different ... But we never saw our parents, they were always working ... I worked very hard when I moved out at 18 ... My late husband, who was my boyfriend and I bought a small flat, we had fuck all ... Bricks and mortar and no bed, no cooker, no furniture.... But it was our life adventure and I never ever looked back .... I'm what some may describe as a true grit Brit ... I will never ever back down to any threat of taking what's rightfully mine, I feel I have contributed well over the years to the country's economy before I got poorly, no one has any right to deny that or take it from me ... Same as no one has any right to take it from my kids .... We are a very small Island but a very Great British one ... No matter which way we voted, I would never ever tell someone to hang their head in shame for it .... Of course the pound will drop and of course the stock markets will go all mental at uncertainty, but do you honestly believe in your heart of hearts that we, as a great British nation will crumble over it? ... Oh please .... We've faced so much adversity throughout history and we are still here .... We are small, but we are mighty .... Don't ever underestimate the great British backbone ... It never left, the lion may have been sleeping but I hear it's roar loud and clear now .... No matter which way you voted, be proud ... This is a new chapter, for all of us ... Why not look at it with a more open mind instead of just assuming we are doomed?  

The problem with a democracy is that you cannot please everyone ... Someone will always be disgruntled, but at least they were given the choice, the freedom to choose ... That counts for everything in a world of many troubles and atrocities ... I believe we live in the best country in the world ... Rule Britannia!


  1. Aww thanks Mick, I hope you're keeping well .. Lots of love xx