Thursday, 16 June 2016

New Seamless Background and Goodnight 💖

Ok, I just finished a seamless background which I've not uploaded to Glitter Graphics as yet ... I was hoping to explain better on how to make them but time has just rushed past and I've not really had the time I wanted to devote to writing everything out properly ... You are more than welcome to use the backgrounds I've uploaded here or on my Glitter Graphics account page HERE ... Just head to my uploads section and they're all located in there, also if you like the look of any graphics, I don't mind you helping yourself but there are some rules in which you must follow ... Please do not extract parts of my graphics to then use on your own ... Look, I get it ... We're all learning, I really do get that and understand and I'm not trying to be Bitch of the Year here ... However, you are in shit street big time if someone sees what you have done and ultimately then reports you to the artist and the fine for copyright infringement, last time I checked was hundreds of thousands of US dollars ... Ain't worth it is it? ... So .... For your own protection, leave well alone ... I do understand that purchasing kits and tubes can be expensive if you buy quite a lot ... It is tempting to add them to your shopping cart at light speed, I've done it myself but look at it this way ... I don't drink, nor do I smoke, I work and I am much happier spending the evening creating something on Photoshop than sitting in some bar or pub spending far more on booze .... These PSD tubes are for life, not just for use once ... Put into perspective, it ain't that expensive really but yes, it is if you're struggling and don't have a job for whatever reason ... I get it and I know life is cruel at times, it does kick where it hurts and we can't always afford to do what we want to do, but in the case of copyright infringement, I think you should seriously protect yourselves by not being tempted in the first place to demolish a graphic for use illegally ... For your sake as much as anything else ... Ok, here's the background ... It's seamless, I will try and ultimately explain the whole seamless gig much better hopefully soon ... Goodnight, please be safe, sleep well and keep warm ... Lots of love xxx

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