Friday, 10 June 2016

Friday!! Well, Only Just :)

I'm wide awake at gone midnight which is very unusual for me on a work night, but for some reason I feel like today I had an energy boost ... I'm not knocking it as it doesn't happen very often so I'm up and making the most of it before I hit the sack :) ... It's been a very busy week, not had hardly any time to call my own to be honest ... I'm either working or seeing to the kids and Eddie baby dog who had 2 trips to the Vet this week ... Nothing awful, he just loves going to the Vet :) ... First day he was weighed and is now on prescription food, he's not grossly or dangerously overweight, just a tiny bit chunky for his size and proportion ... He loves his food as well, so I'm really pleased the transition from his usual food to the prescription food is going so smoothly ... Work is going good too, I never really have much to say in terms of work as it's great ... Never been happier in a job ever .... The weather here has been a bit unstable ... We did have some thunderstorms in the week and it seems a little cooler now ... Sarcoidosis wise, well, it's sarcoid .... Enough said, I feel better this week in comparison to last week ... No 2 days are the same with this illness so make the most of the good days, they're rare as rocking horse shit for me ... On the bad days, hold on and just keep going like the warrior you are and were born to be! :) .... I found my late Father's war medals the other day .... He had me late in life, both my parents were heading for middle age when I came along, I really miss my Dad a lot ... My youngest son was named after him ... My Dad never really discussed his war days much, if at all ... He was posted to Singapore, all we have is a newspaper clipping of an article mentioning his name and from what I read, my poor Dad had a very unpleasant task out there.... He was an uncommonly loving and kind man, very gentle, never hit me or bashed me about .... Was a softie really :) ... When I think of what men like my Dad sacrificed for our freedom, I hope with all my heart that it was never in vain .... Many things have changed in this country, not all for the good in my honest opinion .... I wouldn't want to be a child growing up and experiencing life now at that tender age .... Not with the way things are going ... That's another topic really, not for now as I really should head off to bed ..... On a sarcoidosis note, if you do find you land here for whatever reason and need any advice, support or help with sarcoidosis then SILA have an amazing website, very informative ... Also if you have a Facebook account, there are some incredible support groups on there, I've gotten to know some wonderful friends and family online through them .... You're not alone, you may feel like you are, it can be a very anxious and daunting time for you if you are recently diagnosed, but please hold on .... Support is out there, family are out there.

On that note, I'll say goodnight and sweet dreams, thank you for calling by and for reading my blog entries, not all are sarcoidosis related, I literally chat about any old shit LOL ... Take care of yourselves and happy Friday! Massive hugs xoxoxoxoxoxo ........ Gina 

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