Thursday, 16 June 2016

What A Week So Far!! :)

Do you ever have one of those days or weeks, months or even years? Bet you have the Friends theme song clanging round your brain now :) ... My week was chugging along like every average, normal as it gets for me kind of week ... Then my toe was in a jam along with the rest of me and it broke ... So .... I'm hobbling about like Long John Silver almost ... Then if that wasn't enough, I almost fell out with a work colleague over something so fucking stupid and petty, I still can't believe an adult human being would behave in such a way.... It's hopefully all sorted now anyway and it doesn't deserve a blog dedicated to the sheer bullshit so I'm moving along .........

In case anyone was wondering and in case I didn't mention it, things didn't work out and I'm once again back to being status widowed ... It's cool though, I don't let anyone in too close too soon as I like to get to know them properly before any mischief occurs .... I think in general I have known and dealt with way too many shit bricks in my time, posing as human beings and treating me like crap ... I've dealt with lies, abuse in every single way physically and emotionally, theft of goods and money, fucked up ex's, you name it.............. I'm not prepared to sit back and take any more bullshit off anyone any more ... I will not do that ... I refuse to ... I think I shock people sometimes as I am quite laid back I think, I don't really bother with anyone and it's their life, kind of thing, I do expect the same in return though along with manners and a level of respect ... I expect to be given what I give and when that doesn't happen and someone is nasty, then I don't accept it ... Simple as..........

In terms of relationships ... No thank you ... Not now .... Not ever .... I refuse to put myself through that pain, it's so weird as when someone first shows interest they're all full on bonkers about you, being all mushy and sweet and then it all stops, they turn all distant and oh I can't be bothered on you ... Well fuck you as neither can I .... I expect it and it's what always happens so bye bye and have a nice life ... At least when I am by myself I won't get lied to, told complete bullshit and be misled into believing I'm loved when actually, I'm a hobby almost ... I'm here when it suits the other person, all this oh you'll be involved in this and that ... It's all lip service ... It doesn't mean it'll be followed through .. It's just to keep me sweet ... I don't do hanging on every word ... I'm not that stupid.

So anyway, back to this week ... After my toe being broken, I still managed to get to work, I'm pleased about that ... I have been walking my Eddie baby dog but not as much as I'd like to ... It hurts after a while and I have to hobble back home ... I'm also quite cold for June ... I feel warmer during the day but the weather here has been warning after warning of downpours and thunderstorms ... The evenings feel cold to me ... Speaking of which it's almost time to take Eddie on his evening walk so I need to finish up here ... I'm a little stressed out with other stuff going on as well this week ... I've felt rather unwell, despite my B12 injection the other day ... The pain is just painful .. That doesn't even make sense LOL ... Everything just hurts constantly, I'm sleeping during the day again which isn't good, I just cannot seem to keep up ... The exhaustion hits and that's it ... Ok ... Time to walk my little sweetheart ... I might blog a bit later, maybe something Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro related ... Not sure yet but I hope you're all having a good week ... Sorry if I seem a grumpy arse ... I'm just tired all the time and in pain a lot ... Take care all of you ... Massive hugs xoxoxo

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