Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Seamless Background Tutorial on Paint Shop Pro, Well Sort Of!

Ok, I'm going to throw caution to the wind here :) ... This is my first ever loosely written tutorial and I honestly don't know if I explain stuff very well, hopefully this one might help if you are wondering how to make a seamless background for your blogger or your website perhaps? These backgrounds can be made in both Paint Shop Pro and in Photoshop, they're probably easier and more simple to create in Paint Shop Pro so I will do my best to explain as well as I can in the hope I can be of some help to you .... Ok here goes :)

First of all, open a new image, 500px by 500px, background white .... In these examples shown, I used a scrap kit I purchased from Tiny Turtle Designs here ... Their prices are very reasonable and I use their scrap kits A LOT! :) 

Next I added a new Raster Layer and flood filled it with a gradient like this

Ok, duplicate your gradient layer .... Now, on your top gradient layer click on effects, image effects, seamless tiling with the settings below, click on the image below for the enlarged view

Ok, what you need to do next is then choose the elements you wish to use ... I then built it up in layers, using the above settings to achieve the seamless effect .... I'm sorry I'm not so hot with explaining things like this but seamless backgrounds work along this principle and you can literally pick any elements you want to use ... I wanted to make a Candy Store type of background for upload and use on Glitter Graphics, my final result was the image below

You are more than welcome to use this if you like the look of it ... The heart floaties I found on a website and I added them at the end to complete the effect ... I'm not a tutorial writer so please accept my apologies if you are a newbie to Paint Shop Pro and if I'm speaking gobbledegook to you, if you have any questions then please leave them in a comment and I will try my best to help you with anything ... 

If you're new to Paint Shop Pro, may I strongly advise you to take baby steps with learning, especially if you are trying to teach yourself? You'll find many tutorials out there explaining the basics and they are most certainly worth learning to help you to advance and progress to a more intermediate level ... It does take time but please don't give up.

I started out with very simple things like glitter words ... Once you catch on then you begin to understand more and more about how the software works, what you do to achieve a certain effect and look and please, do not forget one golden rule I live by when making a tag/graphic/background .... Always build your creation in layers and save often ... Paint Shop Pro has been known to be a little notorious for crashing in the past in my experience and nothing will make me go AAAHHHH more! 

Sparkle effects :)

Well, I tend to use Xenofex 2 by Alien Skin Software, you can use it as a Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro Plugin ... 

Also VM and Xero do a sparkle Plugin for both softwares but I prefer Xenofex 2

If you're stuck with anything at all, please just ask, I won't mind and I won't bite ... We all start somewhere, sometimes things just make sense straight away, however, if you're anything like me, it takes ages for the penny to drop!

I found a website some years ago run by a lovely lady called Vix, her tutorials were a God send, she explains everything so well and I found them and her so helpful.

I would like to get to a stage where I can write tutorials and explain the process of tag making as clearly and as concisely... I'm not quite there but I'm happy to try and help in any way I can if you find yourself here and struggling 

Please take care, don't give up and above all else, enjoy your PSP'ing ... It is great fun once you get to grips with it and you'll find it opens doors to other exciting avenues to pursue, should you want to.

Good luck!

Hugs and love


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